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Systematized curricula

Easily create premium curricula for teachers, school leaders, students, and parents - without the need for files, shared trips, or special access.

Digital inclusion

For students and guardians with a second mother tongue, curricula will be translated automatically using artificial intelligence - without the teacher having to do anything extra.

Using artificial intelligence, the youngest students can read out both homework and the curriculum with lifelike voices - this ensures that those who do not master reading can participate.

Customized curricula

It's easy to make customizations for students or groups of students who need it - without the need to copy curricula or assign an additional set of lessons to students.

Anchor curricula in the competence goals

You get a quick and easy overview of the competence goals to be achieved when you write curricula - you can even anchor your work in the competence goals, so you can easily see what and when you have worked on the competence goals.

Automatic archiving of curricula

All curricula are archived automatically and will help generate suggestions for new curricula next school year - without the need to copy or look up files.

Cooperation between home and school

Curricula are automatically made available to students and guardians when the teacher wants this - parents are automatically notified of the new curriculum when it is available.

Annual plan and period plans

Teachers can easily author curricula that extend beyond several weeks - which automatically become part of the weekly curriculum.

Digitalization in schools

If you are also interested in being able to participate in digitizing the school by using new technology that lowers the threshold for digital participation, both for teachers, students and parents - If so, contact us for a non-binding chat.

What some of our customers say about LeXeAPP?

Vålbyen 1-10 school - Våler municipality in Innlandet

Ann Merethe says the following:
We are a 1st-10th school where all grades use LeXeAPP. We like the design of the new LeXeAPP.
A big plus is that students can tick off homework they've done.

We think it's brilliant to be able to tick off the competence goals in the curriculum, as we work with them.
It's very easy to create custom plans.

It is very easy for parents to be able to follow the learning plan by logging in + that we can send out by email to all parents.
Students log in via the Feide portal.

We think the curriculum works well.
You have a very good and fast service.

Gaupen School - Ringsaker Municipality

Malin Johansen Olsen says the following:
Student and staff at Gaupen School
The dynamic work tool LeXeAPP enables me and all my colleagues to work systematically with goal setting, planning and assessment. LeXeAPP gives us an accessibility to be able to have "everything in one place". We use the tool to enter methodology for teaching, use the period plan form, and in this way create and maintain a progression for good qualitative teaching even when unforeseen absence occurs!

I am a student in teacher education in primary and lower secondary school teacher at Hamar University. Under the auspices of the university, I have been in practice at several of Ringsaker municipality and other municipalities primary schools, and I am very surprised by the work tools that are used. These seem to me very strenuous, compared to LeXeAPP. I have not found any ways of working at my practice schools, similar to LeXeAPP, and which can correspond to this ingenious idea.

I am employed at Gaupen School, and my position is equivalent to a few hours of special education for some students. In this context, LeXeAPP is a crucial tool for collaboration across employees within a step. I am not 100% present at work every day, but without an agreement to send plans back and forth, I can easily enter and customize the learning plan for the relevant students. LeXeAPP also gives me the opportunity to link my work directly to learning goals from the curriculum.

The last ingenious idea that I would also like to highlight with this work tool is: All the work the teacher does is saved. So that when I sit and make plans for 6th grade, the column is not empty. What was done on the same work week last year is in the rubric, and you can choose to prepare this, or work on something else. It's called having a culture of sharing, and I see that as a student and eventually a newly graduated teacher as a crucial value for a teaching college.